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Carpet Cleaning

With JBM your carpet stains do not stand a chance! We use the latest technology and chemistry on the market to service a variety of facilities large and small. Carpet cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance, and it helps maintain a clean work environment. It also saves money by extending the life of building finishes. Contact us today for a free quote!


Advantages & Benefits

Reducing risk of illness

Thorough carpet cleaning allows for the effective removal of germs, dirt, debris and soils leaving the carpet fresh and clean.

Saves you money

Regular carpet cleaning will extend the life of your building finishes and save you money in the long run!

Green products

We use chemicals that are biodegradable, certified by the CRI, or are not harmful to the environment. This gives us the advantage of offering services that are not only effective, but sustainable for the future. 

Easy setup

Our hoses do not need to run through windows and exterior doors. Therefore, the security of your facility is never compromised. The portability of our machines allow us to take them into high-rise offices and complexes as well as other areas not easily accessible by traditional truck-mounted units.