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Our mission is to help your business succeed by providing a clean, sanitary and organized work environment for you, your employees and your guests. Our 25 years of experience have taught us how to thrive as a cleaning business. We will provide you with the best cleaning services possible, but that is not all! We care about YOU - your concerns, your goals and your visions. Call us today and find out why JBM is the right company for you.



Two men loading cleaning materials

A little about us...

Patrick Leslie started JBM in 1975 with modest means and humble beginnings. It was his determination and customer satisfaction that pushed him to grow his business and expand his scope of work. In 1991, he incorporated into The JBM Cleaning and Supply Company, where until this day, he serves as President. Over the years, he has built a team of expertly trained technicians that continue to contribute to the company's success. With them by his side, JBM has worked on just about every type of commercial cleaning project imaginable. From small offices to newly constructed facilities, JBM has cleaned it all. Daily and weekly cleaning is a JBM staple, but there is so much more this company offers. Carpets, floors, windows and post construction cleaning are what distinguish The JBM Cleaning and Supply Company from its competition. JBM is ready to help your business succeed by providing you with a clean, orderly and sanitary work environment. We invite you to see for yourself why JBM is the best option for you! 

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