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Job Interview

Looking for a new career?

Join our team of expertly trained janitorial cleaning technicians. We are an equal opportunity employer. Apply today to see if The JBM Cleaning And Supply Company is the right fit for you!

Come Work With Us!

Thanks for submitting your application! We will review your application and contact you.

What we have to offer

Great work environment

At JBM we highly value our employees and we show it! You can expect to be treated with respect & dignity at all times. We appreciate you!

Flexible hours

We can offer you flexible, part-time hours after 5pm. That way, even if you have a full time job, you can earn some extra money in the evenings!

Open communication

We pride ourselves in our "open-communication" policy. You will always have access to us for questions, concerns or anything else you might need!

Competitive wages

We understand that life is expensive and want to help. We offer competitive wages with various incentives!

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